LASIK in Charleston

LASIK, or laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses, refers to a surgical procedure where a flap is created in the cornea with either a microkeratome blade or IntraLase laser then a second laser is used to reshape the underlying cornea to treat vision errors.

Exciting advancements in technology now allow surgeons to customize treatment options by using wavefront technology to create a 3-dimensional map of the eye that is as unique to each patient as the fingerprint or DNA. Known as Custom LASIK, the information contained in this customized map guides the laser for a more precise surgical outcome.

What Are The Benefits of LASIK?

  • Custom-tailored correction for the unique characteristics of your individual vision
  • Unlike conventional LASIK, custom LASIK treats both lower and higher-order aberrations which can create problems such as glare, halos, and night vision disturbances
  • Proven technology with ongoing innovation and consistent clinical outcomes
  • Uses IntraLase technology, which is the complete laser, no-blade approach to LASIK

SLC, or Surface Laser Correction, is a surgical procedure involving the gentle removal of the surface layer of the cornea, followed by the same computer-controlled excimer laser used in Custom LASIK, to sculpt and reshape the surface of the eye.

Like custom LASIK, SLC can also be used for the treatment of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. SLC recovery may be more gradual than with LASIK, however, your surgeon may recommend SLC for patients with larger pupils or thinner corneas.

What Can I Expect During LASIK?

  • Numbing drops will be placed in the eye before surgery to ensure your comfort during the procedure.
  • The area around the eye will be cleansed with an iodine preparation and your other eye will be covered or lightly taped closed.
  • You will be placed in a comfortable, yet stable, position so that your eye can be properly positioned under the laser. You may feel the surgeon touching your eye during the procedure but you should not feel any pain or discomfort.
  • A lot of patients worry unnecessarily about blinking. An instrument called an eyelid speculum will be used to keep your eyelid open during the procedure so your only job is to relax and let your surgeon take care of your eyes.
  • As the ring is placed on your eye there will be a brief period where you will not be able to see out of that eye. The microkeratome or IntraLase laser will then create the cornea flap, allowing the surgeon access to the cornea.
  • The cornea flap will be folded back to expose the area to be treated with the laser. You may notice a slight odor from the exchange of gases emitted while the laser is reshaping the cornea. This is a normal part of the procedure and nothing to worry about.
  • Once the laser treatment is completed the cornea flap will be repositioned. Your surgeon will observe your eye to ensure the flap has adhered properly.
  • You will be asked to remain in the waiting area for approximately 20 minutes post-surgery to allow your flap to settle. The surgeon will recheck the flap again before you leave.
  • You will be given a clear plastic shield to wear at night over the treated eye for one week to prevent eye rubbing during sleep.
  • You will be scheduled for follow-up visits at approximately 1 day, 10 days, and 3 months after surgery.
LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure

LASIK procedures are performed in the Ladson office of Carolina Cataract & Laser Center. As the newest laser center in the Charleston area, patients can be assured that our state-of-the-art facility uses only the most advanced and safest technology available today.

Patient comfort, safety, and visual outcomes are the highest priority for surgeons Michelle S. Ying, MD, David T. Vroman, MD, Millin C. Budev, MD, and Kristiana D. Neff, MD, and their team of professionals.

The first step in any surgical process is a consultation. Call today at (843) 797.3676 to schedule your vision correction consultation with Michelle S. Ying, MD, David T. Vroman, MD, Millin C. Budev, MD, or Kristiana D. Neff, MD, and get one step closer to your own visual freedom.

Contact Lens Policy: Please remember if you wear soft contact lenses, you must leave them out of your eyes for seven days prior to the preoperative exam and the procedure.

If you wear hard or gas permeable lenses, you must leave them out of your eyes for a minimum of four weeks prior to the preoperative exam and the procedure.

LASIK Surgery at Carolina Cataract & Laser Center

Carolina Cataract & Laser Center welcomed patients to its new state-of-the-art facility in the spring of 2008. With offices in three convenient locations, Ladson and West Ashley quality surgical eye care are now more available than ever.

Carolina Cataract & Laser Center surgeons Michelle S. Ying, MD, David T. Vroman, MD, Millin C. Budev, MD, and Kristiana D. Neff, MD are well-known and respected leaders in the field of ophthalmology and have helped thousands of patients achieve their own visual freedom through surgical treatments.

Cataracts, LASIK, corneal transplants, and refractive lens exchange options have all made this an exciting time for vision correction while providing patients more treatment options than ever before.

The surgeons and staff of Carolina Cataract & Laser Center know that you have a choice when deciding who to trust your vision to. Our highly-skilled surgeons and staff treat every patient as they would their own family members and are committed to providing the best care possible. Every patient. Every time.

From your first phone call inquiry through your last exam, our staff has your personal satisfaction in mind. Patients are encouraged to call us at (843) 797.3676 or to email: [email protected] for more information or to schedule a surgical evaluation.

Ready for your own visual freedom? Call today to schedule an evaluation at (843) 797.3676.



We are excited to announce that Eyecare Physicians & Surgeons (Dr. Joseph Lally and Dr. Alexander Kent) have merged with Carolina Cataract & Laser Center.  Our practices will continue to operate at existing locations, ensuring convenient access to outstanding eye care.

For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. Thank you for your continued trust in our team!