Listed below are some of the patient testimonials that we have been given by our satisfied Cataract, LASIK and Premium Lens Implant patients. To hear more about the happy patients of Carolina Cataract & Laser Center, LLC please feel free to call us directly at 843 797 3676.

Cataract Patient Testimonial

“I was tired of my glasses and tired of not being able to see….I knew Dr. Vroman had the experience I needed and would provide the best care possible.”– S.Spell / Read the rest…

“I see colors again…I can’t believe I finally have back the life I enjoyed before my vision became so poor” – B. Carter / Read the rest…

“I was diagnosed with cataracts. My optometrist knew I was ready for surgery and referred me to Dr. Budev.” Donna received a full evaluation and decided it was time to restore her vision with surgery. After a short nap following cataract surgery on her fi rst eye, Ms. Swart awoke to an experience familiar to Carolina Cataract & Laser Center patients: restored vision and an exclamation “I can see!”– D.Swart / Read the rest…

Premium Lens Implant Patient Testimonials

“It was like having a curtain removed from over my eyes. I had forgotten how bright colors could be. Dr. Budev was great.” – J. Allen / Read the rest…

“Everything is brighter, clearer and more colorful. And, because of the ReSTOR lens, I no longer wear contacts or glasses either. It’s like my eyes are young again” – J. Rogge / Read the rest…

“My sincere thanks to Dr. Budev (and his staff) for making my cataract/Restor implant surgery an immediate and overwhelming success! Dr. Budev understood my needs and offered me surgical options explaining both positive and negative concerns. For the first time in many years my vision is 20/20 — no more eyeglasses, not even for close up reading! This is phenomenal!!” -Dale

LASIK Patient Testimonial

“I just wanted to see without the hassle of glasses or contacts” – R. Grafton / Read the rest…

General Testimonials

Like most patients, Mr. Sabb’s surgery improved more than just his vision. “I can drive again. I can work again. Dr. Vroman was great, the practice is great. The entire experience was simply great.” – J. Sabb / Read the rest…

“Awesome. Fantastic results. Cataract surgery was fast and painless. It was a very pleasurable experience.” – G.L.Della

“Great service, great results, great follow up, and genuine patient concern.” – T.L.

“Great Results. 20/20 After [surgery]. Could not ask for better treatment.” – Will

“I was so nervous before surgery. I wanted to explore LASIK but was never a good candidate. I didn’t yet have cataracts but I was ready to get out of my glasses. My optometrist recommended I see Dr. Vroman to learn more about what options were available. After having a refractive lens exchange with the Toric lens my astigmatism was fixed and I no longer had to wear glasses or contacts. Before surgery I couldn’t see anyone; after surgery I could see everyone! The next morning I danced all the way to the bathroom. I think God has blessed Dr. Vroman with such a talent. He has done something for my life I cannot put into words. After 33 years of struggling to see, I can see at last!” – P. Goller

Read Our Reviews

5 stars 5
Great ophthalmologist with thorough investigation of patient's complaints. He explains his observations and findings clearly.

5 stars 5
Amazing staff! Kristina at the front resolved what could have been an insurance issue immediately. The nurse who did my eye exam and dialted my eyes is a breath of fresh air, listened to my concerns and knew exactly what I needed to have done (I didn't get her name). This was my first visit and Dr. Ying is fantastic! Dr. Ying has an amazing bedside manner and personality you don't see that often anymore. She was professional, very knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel at ease. She also thoroughly educated me on my eye issues. I know that I am in great hands with Carolina Cataract & Laser Center!

5 stars 5
I am an optometrist and I refer all my patients to Carolina cataract and laser center. They have the best team of doctors and staff, I myself also had surgery there and it went perfectly. Dr Budev was the surgeon for my cataract surgery and my result and vision far exceeded my expectations!

5 stars 5
I work very closely with this facility and they are outstanding. We refer many patients to this office and their team of doctors and staff are just wonderful. When we hear back from patients they only have wonderful things to say. 10/10.

5 stars 5
I had lens replacement surgery back in March. To say this has changed my life is an understatement! I began wearing glasses at 10 years of age. I wore glasses and eventually contacts (I started wearing contacts at about age 14 and only stopped wearing them when my astigmatism got to a level that I could no longer where them comfortably). When I had to resort to wearing glasses full time I knew I would not be able to continue for long. I managed two full years. I began researching options fast forward to November 2021 at the family get together. I was talking with my cousin Jessica Johnson Ross, who has worked in the vision field for many years and she said that I had to go to Dr. David Vroman over in Ladson, SC because he is the absolute best. She had worked at his practice until recently moving back home. The next week I called and scheduled my consult appt. To say the Dr. Vroman and his staff are exceptional would be a true understatement. From the ladies at the check-in counter, the technicians, and finally the doctor himself, everyone was attentive and efficient. Many times you see a specialist and feel like you have burdened them by taking up their time. Not Dr. Vroman. He was very personable and listened to my wishes for my vision carefully. I scheduled my first surgery that day. We decided that the PanOptic Multifocal lens would be the best option based on my vision needs. The surgical center staff was just as awesome as the staff at his practice. Dr. Vroman was very kind and listened to me and calmed me prior to the surgery. Again, very personable. In other words, when he talks to you, it is as if there is no one else around. He focuses on the patient and his/her needs. Fast forward a few months and I couldnt be happier with my vision!! I feel like colors are more vivid and I see details that I never noticed before (no I didnt have cataracts just really poor vision before) Granted I do need readers on occasion if the lighting is poor. Solution- adjust lighting no readers!! No more heavy glasses! Yes, there is some halo effect and yes it has improved significantly. Does it bother me?? Nothing like the distorted vision caused by the astigmatism. Halos have boundaries which I can make sense of when driving at night. Astigmatism light distortion has no boundaries which makes driving at night very difficult. My vision is 20/20 and I am beyond happy!!