Listed below are some of the patient testimonials that we have been given by our satisfied Cataract, LASIK and Premium Lens Implant patients. To hear more about the happy patients of Carolina Cataract & Laser Center, LLC please feel free to call us directly at 843 797 3676.

Cataract Patient Testimonial

“I was tired of my glasses and tired of not being able to see….I knew Dr. Vroman had the experience I needed and would provide the best care possible.”– S.Spell / Read the rest…

“I see colors again…I can’t believe I finally have back the life I enjoyed before my vision became so poor” – B. Carter / Read the rest…

“I was diagnosed with cataracts. My optometrist knew I was ready for surgery and referred me to Dr. Budev.” Donna received a full evaluation and decided it was time to restore her vision with surgery. After a short nap following cataract surgery on her fi rst eye, Ms. Swart awoke to an experience familiar to Carolina Cataract & Laser Center patients: restored vision and an exclamation “I can see!”– D.Swart / Read the rest…

Premium Lens Implant Patient Testimonials

“It was like having a curtain removed from over my eyes. I had forgotten how bright colors could be. Dr. Budev was great.” – J. Allen / Read the rest…

“Everything is brighter, clearer and more colorful. And, because of the ReSTOR lens, I no longer wear contacts or glasses either. It’s like my eyes are young again” – J. Rogge / Read the rest…

“My sincere thanks to Dr. Budev (and his staff) for making my cataract/Restor implant surgery an immediate and overwhelming success! Dr. Budev understood my needs and offered me surgical options explaining both positive and negative concerns. For the first time in many years my vision is 20/20 — no more eyeglasses, not even for close up reading! This is phenomenal!!” -Dale

LASIK Patient Testimonial

“I just wanted to see without the hassle of glasses or contacts” – R. Grafton / Read the rest…

General Testimonials

Like most patients, Mr. Sabb’s surgery improved more than just his vision. “I can drive again. I can work again. Dr. Vroman was great, the practice is great. The entire experience was simply great.” – J. Sabb / Read the rest…

“Awesome. Fantastic results. Cataract surgery was fast and painless. It was a very pleasurable experience.” – G.L.Della

“Great service, great results, great follow up, and genuine patient concern.” – T.L.

“Great Results. 20/20 After [surgery]. Could not ask for better treatment.” – Will

“I was so nervous before surgery. I wanted to explore LASIK but was never a good candidate. I didn’t yet have cataracts but I was ready to get out of my glasses. My optometrist recommended I see Dr. Vroman to learn more about what options were available. After having a refractive lens exchange with the Toric lens my astigmatism was fixed and I no longer had to wear glasses or contacts. Before surgery I couldn’t see anyone; after surgery I could see everyone! The next morning I danced all the way to the bathroom. I think God has blessed Dr. Vroman with such a talent. He has done something for my life I cannot put into words. After 33 years of struggling to see, I can see at last!” – P. Goller

I highly recommend Carolina Cataract & Laser Surgery. The staff is professional and friendly. All of my questions are answered and they are easily reachable by phone. The office is neat and clean. I have had many services performed by Dr. Neff and her staff and I was so pleased with the results! D.R.

Our initial visit was very informative. Everyone was very pleasant and professional. Various treatment options were explained very clearly. We did not feel as if we were under any pressure to make a quick decision. The staff was very well organized and the written material very helpful. A great deal of patience was demonstrated in answering our questions. Of course, we thought of more questions after we left. R.M

Every one of the staff conducts themselves in a friendly a professional manner. Everyone appears to be enjoying their work and happy to help you. Dr Vroman is willing to take time to explain the treatment and prognosis. A.I

I see Dr. Budev at Carolina Cataract & Laser. He and his staff have treated me for glaucoma since 2010 and have done a wonderful job at preserving my sight. They are always thorough and explain what is going on in an easy way for me to understand. I trust them completely M.B.

Dr. Vroman is an incredible eye surgeon and has performed two DSAEK cornea transplants on me. I have been seeing him for my eye care for at least ten years. Any time I’ve had an issue with my eyes, my eyes have been examined, either Dr. Vroman, or one of his practice partners, THE SAME DAY. D.K.

Been a patient for 4 years and the professional service is TOP NOTCH!!! From the first time that I walked through those doors, I knew that my eye situation was going to be resolved! And still today I’m a satisfied patient and for my LIFE!!!! Dr. Vroman really, really, really, really, really CARES! Any question that I may have, he always give me an HONEST ANSWER! When it comes to the staff. You can’t ask a better staff to work with! C.F.

Soothing music calm front office astute all just lovely! And liked my doc very much Already running my mouth about you in Ladson! I hit the jackpot with your organization! J.C.

You guys are AWESOME!! Everyone was so friendly and very welcoming. I really appreciate the fact that my doctor to the extra time to talk with me regarding my issue and allowed me to ask questions. S.J

All of your staff is very focused on the clients and not busy talking among themselves, or just putting clients through assigned tests. C.K.

Everyone performed their job in a knowledgeable! and professional manner instilling in me a sense of confidence and security. S.D.

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